Child Support Payment Options for Employers

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia § 20-79.3, information required in an income deduction order: Employers shall remit payments on each regular pay date of the obligor or, if electronic funds transfer is used, within four days of the pay date, directly to the Division of Child Support Enforcement for disbursement. All employers with at least 100 employees and all payroll processing firms with at least 50 clients shall remit payments by electronic funds transfer.
  • MyChildSupport allows both employers and noncustodial parents to make payments on our secure website, go to MyChildSupport and click on “Pay Child Support Electronically”. There is no cost for this program. Employers should enter their business name in the fields for “First and Last Name” on the website.
  • Online banking can be used to pay child support electronically for financial institutions that contract with Checkfree. (To determine if your financial institution uses Checkfree, go to and drop down the list at “Pay Bills Online”. Then click on “Providers for Consumers” and click on “All”. If your financial institution is not on this list, your payment will come to DCSE by paper check.) Enter the NCP’s nine digit social security number, without dashes, in the customer account number field. The payee “Treasurer of Virginia” and the payment address of PO Box 28990, Richmond, VA 23228, have been programmed to generate EFT payments to Virginia Child Support Enforcement.
  • Check or Money Order payments can be mailed to:
    Division of Child Support Enforcement
    P.O. Box 28990
    Richmond, VA 23228
  • Please make your check or money order payable to the Treasurer of Virginia Include the noncustodial parent’s name and Social Security Number.
  • Many payroll companies can pay child support wage withholdings electronically. ADP, Paychex, and Ceridian are three of the larger companies that offer this service for child support payments.
  • ExpertPay is a private web-based business that can transmit electronic payments to Virginia. An employer can contract with them for EFT service.
  • Employers can utilize the direct deposit function of their payroll system to make child support payments. The employee’s social security number in the identification number field (field 7 of the Entry Detail Record) ensures that Child Support Enforcement can properly identify the employee’s payment.
  • Larger, multistate employers are often more interested in the CCD+ or CTX formats for EFT, which is highly recommended if you are remitting payments for more than 20 employees. These formats are not only accepted by Virginia, but also most of the other child support agencies in the country. The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) website has a copy of the “ User’s Guide for Electronic Support Payments ”, which gives additional information about the NACHA standards for these two file formats. Note:the CTX format must contain the full ASC X12 820 transaction set. Virginia posts child support payments by the noncustodial parent’s social security number, so verification of the state’s case number is not required, but it is helpful. The employer need not send individual payments for each case that an employee may have. Payments are applied to the noncustodial parent’s account and then divided among that person’s cases. Also, Virginia does not require a FIPS code, though 51000 may be used. VDSS Addenda Record
  • Payments can also be made via our Virginia MyChildSupport voice response system by calling 1-877-670-2941.

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